About Us

We are a a company dedicated to the manufacture of Healing Devices, each device is hand built to exacting specifications.

Bespoke devices can also be manufactured to suit the needs of the individual  and the individuals personal condition.

We have a facebook page dedicated to helping our customers find the best solution to using the Virus Zappers


How we started;

A brief story on how we started to produce the Frequency Healer.

A close friend had for many years suffered with an irregular heart beat it seemed to start about a week before she got a cold or flue virus,it was a useful indicator because She could go to the chemist and stock up with paracetamol!!

It wasn't until the beginning of 2018 that we discovered a Paper written by Dr Hulda Clarke entitled ' A cure for all diseases' the contents of this report made perfect sense to us - killing Virus and Parasites with a frequency that literally shakes them to death. more information was needed !!
The first thing was to build the 'Hulda Clarke Zapper'

In the book 'a cure for all diseases' there is a diagram on how to build one of these devices using components that are readily available at any good component shop, success the first Zapper was made !!

She used this machine once every week, it wasn't until 8 months later that she realised her heart hadn't missed a beat  nor had she had a cold.
Further research discovered that MS could be cured with an electric frequency by killing off the parasites which causes the diseases, the trouble was that the home made machines were wholly unsuitable for a person with limited mobility..
We discovered that there was not one product on the market that caters for people with disabilities, In most cases the machine required you to hold two metal rods and time the treatment on your watch - extremely difficult for those with poor eyesight or those with difficulty in gripping.

It was this situation that was the catalyst to develop a machine that was completely self contained and automatic.
It had to be easy to attach the electrodes
Be completely self working
Affordable to everybody.

We came across a circuit diagram, using a programmable Integrated Circuit and a low battery indicator which was a major improvement on all the designs that had been researched, this seemed to be the perfect solution,however the design was not entirely suitable for the market sector that had been chosen.
After several months of designing and re-designing we finally came up with the ideal machine for everybody which ticked all the boxes.
The machine is completely automatic and doesn't require you to hold onto electrode pipes!!

I do hope this has given a brief insight into the research and final production of a Frequency Healer.

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